Port Colborne Girls Hockey Association

Esso Fun Days 2019



Esso Fun Days are introduction to hockey sessions designed for females who are new to hockey. Including both on- and off-ice instruction, the program aims to create a free, safe and fun environment for new players to learn the basic skills and rules of the game. The goal of the Esso Fun Day program is for girls and women to gain the skills and confidence to register in a hockey program.

Today Girls Hockey is one of the fastest growing sport categories in Canada.  This wasn't always the case and there are many women that never had the opportunity to play hockey as a child, but always wanted to.  We are offering you a chance to learn the game and the skills to confidently join a league the next year.   We are focusing on girls in their mid to late teens, and women of any age into this free 6 week program.  There is one catch however, equipment is not supplied.  If equipment is an issue please reach out to one of us, and we will attempt to find some equipment that you can use for the 6 week program.  We are targeting Sunday evenings around 8:00 PM for the program, staring mid October.  

In order to qualify for the program you must have never  been registered for a hockey program in your life, and you know want to learn to play.



Please direct questions to: 

Ken Breitenbach